Unique Approach

Oncam Global delivers total situational awareness to meet the demands of customers by assessing a threat against a threat profile. The threat assessment, assesses security and liability threats typical to a designated environment; whereas, a threat profile accounts for all the steps a potential enemy would take at the area needing protection.

A traditional approach to security systems focus on surveillance alone. The integration of multiple sensors and cameras that are used in legacy systems only serve to provide more data, not more intelligence or security. They are not always designed to emphasise verification of a threat, typically leaping from surveillance to action, which can be a costly proposition. With proper verification of a threat, the appropriate “measured” response can be determined by first responders, damage prevented or minimised and, ultimately, perpetrators apprehended and prosecuted.

Without verification, the response taken could result in wrongly calling in law enforcement. Acting upon a false alarm can cause potential production downtime, wasted resources or liability exposure, with significant and unnecessary costs.

Oncam Global solutions perform at all levels of security and liability protection with a unique 5-stage approach–called SATIV:

Surveillance that is continuous and complete

Acquisition of an event that fits a threat profile

Tracking that event

Interrogating the significance of that event
through a variety of resources, and finally,

Verification of the event, informing a measured
response by the appropriate party.

The whole SATIV process can take place in seconds with the integration of existing technologies.

The electronic SATIV and human-threat profiling cannot each stand by itself – they must be integrated – and when they are, costly responses to security breaches can be avoided, and ultimate safety can be enhanced.

Deploying the SATIV process with appropriate integrated technologies, Oncam Global extends the capabilities of human senses that are used to assess and evaluate an environment. Whether the command centre is small or large, manned or not, an event can be verified as a threat or not, and an informed decision can be made regarding an appropriate, measured response.