Grandeye Onboard

Grandeye is the technology arm of Oncam Global Group, providing award-winning, patent-protected 360° technology that provides many advantages over traditional single-view cameras and existing fisheye cameras in the industry. With every Oncam Global security solution protecting clients and their assets Grandeye technology is onboard.

In-camera Dewarping

The key to Grandeye’s technology is the powerful single-chip image processing. All this processing power, which carries out tera operations per second on video data, is housed inside the camera. This is a huge differentiator offering significant advantages to installers and end users that result in reducing system cost and complexity.

All Oncam Global cameras utilize Grandeye’s multi-megapixel image sensors and high-quality fisheye lenses that offer a hemispherical view of the world. Our image processing enables us to generate multiple views. These views include fisheyes and dewarped views, such as virtual cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom around the scene, as well as panoramas for an overview.

Video Analytics

Oncam Global’s cameras are so powerful that not only do they enable real-time views of a scene in multiple formats, but they also include Grandeye’s own onboard 360° video analytics software.

This software is configurable to perform motion detection, motion tracking and even simultaneous tracking of multiple targets. Because Oncam Global’s cameras offer four independent virtual cameras, each with independent PTZ, motion tracking can be enabled in each one. The cameras also include sophisticated, but simple-to-use event-management tools for configuring motion detection, external inputs and other triggers.

PTZ on Playback

Grandeye’s technology innovation extends beyond live viewing. By enabling high-resolution recording of the entire fisheye view, independent of what an operator is doing, images can be processed during playback as if they were live images. During playback, images can be dewarped, and virtual cameras can be generated enabling the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom around the entire scene. The result is that investigations can be carried on as if the video were live.

Technology Awards

Around the world, Grandeye’s technology has consistently won prestigious awards for innovation and effectiveness. Below is a sampling of awards: