Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure assets, such as energy plants, pipelines, seaports, dams, laboratories, oil and chemical storage, government buildings, and military facilities, are vital for any nation not only for the domestic economy, but they also hold strategic importance on a global scale. Critical infrastructure assets are attractive targets for terrorists and criminals because any breach could pose national and financial disaster for commercial and homeland security interests. Oncam Global’s areas of expertise include:

Facility Security and Access

Oncam Global designs total security solutions that effectively monitor entryways and or access points, indicating possible break-ins or other unauthorised access.

  • People approaching doors after hours
  • Delivery/loading area activity
  • Suspicious objects left behind
  • Camera tampering
  • Unauthorised entry through restricted areas
  • Gate monitoring for vehicle size, pedestrian use
  • People or vehicles loitering around facility perimeter
  • Tailgating through secure access doorways
  • Objects appearing/thrown into the area

Wide-area Perimeter Protection/Border Coverage

Oncam Global designs total security solutions for wide-area surveillance of fence lines, property boundaries and other unmarked perimeters. Secure regions can be defined using polygonal shapes rather than a series of rectangular shapes to cover the area.

  • Situational awareness for large outdoor environments
  • Critical asset protection
  • Detection of potential terrorist activities
  • Wide-area perimeter breaches by people or vehicles
  • Restricted area safety and security