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The more youthful goalie had checked out a reserve on the internet about leading hand placement for the lacrosse goalie. “Eye. Thumb. Ball. Vision. Thumb. Ball.” he repeated.

The stick was in front of his face and about a 3rd of the goalie stick was covering his face. Not good when we’re attempting to cover as much surface area as we can.

While I appreciate the optical eyes, thumb, ball guideline, Let me contribute to it slightly bit. The goal of this eye, thumb, ball idea was to considerably assist young goalies get hands up. However, what I have translucented the years is that this hand position is a bit high for some goalies and it brings the stick too much in front of the face of the goalie.

I would like to change the eye, thumb, ball guideline to shoulder, hand, ball. This hint advises the goalie to help keep the hand as high due to the fact that the shoulder initially, that is what most goalies need. Without training almost all lacrosse goalies hold their hands too low and in towards their chest method. This is not ideal due to the fact that the head of the stick is within the body. We wish to optimize the protection of the surface area of the objective by moving the give away towards the stick side which …

… we do by moving the tactile hand in front of the shoulder. I find that this can be a really simple hint that all goalies comprehend. Keep the hand as high due to the fact that the shoulder and after that keep carefully the hand in front of the shoulder. “High and in front.” is the brief way to say it.

By keeping the shoulder high and in front of the shoulder I find that the goalie has the correct height of the hands position and the proper range to the outdoors so that the stick isn’t really within the soccer rebounder.

The one exception I find has actually been very high goalies. For high goalies they can reduce their top hand positioning if, by having the hand shoulder high, the absolute best of the stick extends above the cross bar. That is lost coverage, and even though the stick is within the body a little by moving the hand directly down, they are now in a position to shorten the range to low shots and remain in a position to make more conserves.

For brief goalies, they ought to not try and raise their hands greater than their shoulder to cover the upper part of the internet because they are compromising their position excessive. Young goalies, ones who are growing particularly, should not compromise position to cover top of the portion of the cage. Program persistence, you will grow young Jedi. When you grow you will finally have the height to opt for the wonderful movement to the ball that you have refined over the last a very long time.

Remember, “Shoulder high and in front of the shoulder” will provide you an excellent base to go to the ball efficiently.

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