About Oncam

Oncam Global UK., a subsidiary of the Oncam Global Group, is responsible for the sales and marketing of total security solutions throughout Europe and Africa. Oncam Global also has subsidiaries serving the Americas; Turkey and the Balkan countries; and the Middle East.

Whether for critical infrastructure, such as power plants and pipelines, commercial or institutional assets, or the home, Oncam Global is the architect of fully scalable solutions that meet today’s security and liability requirements.

Oncam Global Group jointly owns Grandeye Ltd., the developer of multi-award-winning 360° imaging technology, which provides the basis for our cornerstone products, offered in both IP and analog solutions. Oncam Global has exclusive rights to Grandeye’s patent-protected imaging technology for security and liability-protection applications.

At the core of Grandeye’s technology is ZiiLabs’ powerful media-rich application processors, hardware platforms and advanced middleware that allow many sophisticated imaging analytics, such as target acquisition, tracking, feature analysis and interpretation, to be quickly processed within the camera itself. Grandeye has developed “smart” camera technology that greatly reduces system complexity and cost when compared with other approaches.

Total security solutions architected by Oncam Global integrate the latest in command-and-control, facial recognition, biometrics, access-control, and other state-of-the-art technologies with Grandeye’s leading 360° imaging technology to provide the most comprehensive security and liability-protection solutions available in today’s market.

Oncam is a global team with a unique approach to anticipating and resolving complex security issues. Using world leading 360-degree surveillance technology, we provide a safer and more secure environment to make our customers more successful.