360° Technology

The ability to monitor an entire 360° field of view, with no blind spots, allows organizations to be prepared for every eventuality. Beginning with exclusive rights to award-winning and patented 360° camera technology for security and liability applications, Oncam Global makes total security solutions a reality.

There are many advantages to 360°-video-surveillance technology over traditional pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras. For example, Oncam 360° “smart” cameras:

  • Cover wide areas with no blind spots
  • Have no moving parts, significantly increasing both life-expectancy and covertness, as well as reducing maintenance costs
  • Reduce the number of cameras and infrastructure required to monitor a scene; more area is covered with fewer cameras
  • Eliminate the mechanical delay in traditional pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras
  • Allow for greater operator flexibility when configuring for live and recorded viewing, including defining polygonal areas of interest and areas of privacy
  • Provide powerful signal processing, ensuring that an area is continuously available for intelligent image analysis
  • Allow for multiple dewarped views of the scene, in addition to a single 360° overview fisheye image with independent PTZ analysis
  • Allows for simultaneous tracking of up to four targets or events on one fisheye lens; targets cannot move in different directions and be lost from view
  • Minimize network bandwidth usage, as the hemispheric view enables frame rates to be lowered while any activity remains in view of the camera longer
  • Detect all objects moving through the field of view, regardless of their velocity

Oncam Global provides total situational awareness to see the whole scene in real time or in playback using 360° technology. Ground-breaking recording solutions provide the ability to review incidents as if in real time, with the exact same PTZ capability that exists with live video.

The reward of 360° technology can be counted not only in financial terms, but also in people’s safety and lives.